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 Forum Rules!

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PostSubject: Forum Rules!   Sat Sep 04, 2010 7:47 pm



Do not advertise in your Posts, Blogs or PMs. An advertisement via PM will result in an infraction. You can advertise via your Sig.

Illegal Content:

Don't even think about it! This will result in a automatic lifetime ban.


S - Stupid
P - Pointless
A - Annoying
M - Messages:

Don't make pointless posts. This includes agreeing with everyone to rack up your post count. Also, don't post three or less words in a post.


If a thread has not been posted in for a month, don't post in it. This is called bumping, it will make other threads harder for other members to see.


Don't swear. There may be younger members here on this forum. Don't swear via PM or you will be infracted. If you are angry, take it out on a soft toy or something. Just don't do it on here.


Don't do it. Help people, don't flame them. It will result on a severe punishment.

Multiple Accounts:

Do not make multiple accounts. Only Admin may break this rule and have two accounts. If you are caught with multiple accounts, both accounts will be automatically banned.

Spam Bots:

Spam Bots will be banned as soon as they post.



We have a report buttons, so please use it! There is no need to post saying: SPAM SPAM SPAMMER!!!!

Advertisement - 20 Points.
Advertisement Via Blog - 30 Points.
Advertisement Via PM - 100
Illegal Content - Banned Forever
Spamming - 20 Points.
Agreeing With Everyone - 40 Points.
Bumping One Month-Old-Thread - 10 Points.
Bumping Two Months-Old-Thread - 20 Points.
Bumping Over Two Months-Old-Thread - 30 Points.
Swearing - 40 Points.
Swearing Via PM - Banned Forever
Flaming/Bashing/Insulting - 50 Points.
Flaming/Bashing/Insulting Via PM - 90 Points
Really Bad Flaming/Bashing/Insulting Via PM - Banned Forever
Mini-Modding: 20 Points
Multiple Accounts - Both Banned Forever
Multiple Accounts While Banned - Both Banned Forever
Multiple Accounts While Banned Twice - Banned Forever
Spam Bots - IP and Banned Forever

Banning Process:
100 Points: Warning
150 Points: 1 week
200 Points: 2 weeks
250 Points: Become a Black Name, and have limited abilities and posts don't add up, until you can prove to an Admin that you have changed.
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Forum Rules!
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